On July 20, 2009 a very good friend of mine, Harry Gene Akers, passed away. 

He was a long time collector and dealer.  His knowledge of all types of guns

(particularly hand guns) was incredible.  He was well known in the DFW area

to be a honest and fair dealer.  He gave everyone who purchased a firearm

from him a lifetime buyback option.  He will be sorely missed.


Harry Gene Akers

May 22, 1936 - July 20, 2009


Harry occasionally visited a friend in Fort Worth, TX who was a WWII vet.  His name was Preston Utterback.  He retired as a Lt. Colonel.  During his service in Europe, he captured an '06 Navy Luger rig.  The Luger was in exceptional condition and has a matching numbered magazine.  He also captured a folding Bowie style knife.  Preston was awarded the Silver Star and was a member of the 3rd U.S. Cavalry.  Their association published a book about the 3rd and Preston was the editor.


In early 1997, Harry purchased the '06 Navy Luger from Preston.  Later that year, Preston gave Harry the knife that he had captured.


This is a presentation of those items.


Preston Utterback


'06 Navy Luger


Magazine/Grips/Cleaning Rod