Here is a cute little P.38 miniature that is made of die cast metal.  The little pistol apparently will fire caps.  The slide is pulled back to cock the hammer.  The trigger is pulled to fire it.  The magazine is removeable.

Image of p38_miniature-08.jpg

The scale in is 10th of an inch.
The curvature is due to the closeup lens.

Image of p38_miniature-02.jpg

Image of p38_miniature-04.jpg

Slide held back.  It will not stay back otherwise.

Image of p38_miniature-06.jpg

Hammer cocked and with magazine removed.

Image of p38_miniature-125.jpg

Grouping of miniatures, top to bottom:  Japanese T-14, German P.38 and Italian Beretta M1934.

Image of p38_miniature-134.jpg

Maker marking that is on all 3 miniatures.