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I use very bright light to take the pictures so that the markings

can be fairly easily seen.  The bright light washes the blued finish out

to some extent.  Virtually all guns will look better in the hand than they

do in the pictures.


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                                       Sales Policy Statement

US sales only for firearms and ammo.  I will ship other items outside the CONUS, if possible, but the buyer must accept complete responsibility for the item.  I will not lie on the customs forms so don't ask.  I will describe and value the items accurately.  If that is not acceptable to you, don't make the purchase.  Make sure the item is legal in your country.  I will not be responsible for confiscated items.  If you wish to use IBAN (Bank wire transfer) for payment, add $16 to the order for bank fees on my end.

Prices are firm.  I have attempted to price things fairly but pricing is difficult when you are selling items that rarely change hands.  If an item doesn't sell after a certain period of time, I will lower the price.  The cost of shipping is not included.

Firearms, except those classified as antiques, will only be shipped to holders of a current FFL.  A copy of the FFL with an original signature must be sent with the order. This includes Class 01 Dealers and Curio & Relics licenses.  All state laws must be complied with.

Firearms are sold as collector items, only.  There is no guarantee as to functionality or safety of firing any gun.  I never fire a collector firearm.

I will not knowingly sell a reproduction or an item that is not completely original  without stating such in the description.  If anyone sees an example on this site that is not totally original and you have solid evidence, I would appreciate you letting me know.  If I can agree with the evidence, I will change the description and, probably, the price.  

All items are guaranteed to be original unless otherwise stated.  There is a 3 day inspection period.  Money will be cheerfully refunded if the item is returned in the same condition as shipped.

Payment (in CONUS only) may be in the form of a cashier's check, money order or personal check.  A personal check will delay shipment until I am sure it has cleared, at least 3 days.  A cashiers check or money order will result in shipment ASAP.  I will no longer accept PayPal payments.  Their monitoring of items sold and demands for documentation for sales are untenable. 

Ammunition will only be sold to those who provide proof of age and a statement that the purchase and receipt of such ammunition does not violate any applicable law.



Email me if you have any questions.