Cody Firearms Collection

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In September, 2005 I visited the Buffalo Bill Historical Center in Cody, Wyoming.  The Center consists of 5 museums.  One of those is the Cody Firearms Collection.  There were a large number of guns that were not the Western variety and I was a bit surprised at that.  They had a lot of US M1 carbines, including prototypes.

It was extremely difficult trying to get good pictures.  The guns were all behind glass.  The lighting in the rooms was quite dim.  I had to use a flash.  The combination of reflection from the room lighting and the camera flash made it a real challenge trying to eliminate glare.


G.41(M), G.41, K.43


US M1 Carbines


Winchester Machine Gun

Japanese Garand Copy

"Winchester '73"

Winchester/Olin Cartridge Machine

Trophy Room

Annie Oakley